How To Look After A Jade Plant ( Crassula ovata )

The jade plant commonly known as friendship tree is believed to bring good health as well as fortune to its home.

The jade plant is a very hardy plant and is very easy to take care of.

The plant can be a very good gift to your loves ones as it is known to bring a lot of positivity in its surroundings.

Crassula ovata is native to South Africa and has a long life span.

Here are some tips to take care of your jade plant.


Jade plant needs good amount of sunlight to grow and can do well with direct sunlight for up to 4 hours daily.

2. Watering

The jade plant can be watered once in two to three weeks in winters and in summers watering weekly is recommended. Never overwater the jade plant. Only when soil is dry you need to water it.

3. Temperature

The plant does not like cold weather and it is better to keep it inside during winters.

4. Pests

Mealybugs are biggest enemies of crassula plant. To get rid of them rub the plant with alcohol. If the attack is too big in rare cases you will have to say goodbye to the plant.


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Ajeet Gautam