How To Treat Areca Palms Leaves Which Have Turned Yellow ?

Areca palm also has a common name yellow palm because some parts of the plant  like petiole are naturally yellow.

But if parts which are green also turn yellow then it is time to treat the problem in the plant.

If old leaves are developing yellow spots and eventually turning completely yellow. then it is sure sign of potassium deficiency.

If new leaves are already yellow then the plant is lacking in nutrients like manganese, iron or zinc.

If older leaves are turning yellow then there are spider mites around.


For potassium deficiency- remove the yellowish fronds and use sulfur-coated potassium sulfate on the soil.

For Micro Nutrient Deficiency - Best tip is to use a foliar micronutrient soil.

For Spider Mites - Use a pesticide which you can get from the market specifically meant for getting rid of spider mites only.

The above tips will surely make your areca palm fit and healthy all over again.