Common Plant Diseases And How To Cure Them

Bacterial Spot

It is a very common plant disease caused by war and wet environment. The plant afflicted with it can be recognized with small dark raised spots on leaves. The cure is to destroy the infected plant and apply a good fungicide specifically meant for the diseases which you can get from the local shop.

Bacterial Blight

The disease is caused by wet and cool weather. If the leaves of a plant shows large yellow spots and are turning brown it is suffering from bacterial blight. The cure is to get rid of infected plants and ensuring adequate space between new plants.

Ralstonia Solanacearum

Also known as bacterial wilt is caused by weeds or contaminated soil. The leaves wilt during day and turn yellow and remain wilted. The only fix is to get rid of infected plant and use new pathogen free potting soil.


The disease is caused by damp soil in temepratures around 12 to 15 degrees celsius. The plant suffers from stunted foliage with blackened root system. A good fungicide can be used as preventive treatment.


The disease is caused by high nitrogen and warm environment and its symptoms are small green , yellow bugs on both stems and leaves. They can be get rid of by wiping the plant with alcohol or soapy water.

Cucumber Mosaic Virus

The disease is caused by aphids and plant has yellow spots or streaking on the leaves visible. The only option is to get rid of infected plant and maintaind good environment free of aphids.