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Entada Gigas, Lucky Bean, Sea Heart - 3 Beans

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Botanical Name - Entada Gigas

Commonly Known As - Sea Heart, Lucky Bean, Fava De Colom

Botanical Name - Entada Gigas

Commonly Known As - Sea Heart, Lucky Bean, Fava De Colom

Entada Gigas also called lucky bean is popularly believed to have instilled inspiration in Columbus to explore new land in the west. In Azores it is known by the name Fava De Colom which means Columbus Bean in English.

Entada Gigas is kept by people as good luck charm. There is a belief that it brings endurance, good luck, longevity, fertility and so on.

Infact the seeds is famous worldwide for its amazing good luck charm.

The bean can be kept under your head when sleeping, carry in your bag or in your pocket.

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