Japanese Maple ( Acer Palmatum ) - 10 Seeds Pack

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Japanese Maple ( Acer Palmatum ) - 10 Seeds Pack
Acer Palmatum 10 Seeds Pack With Free Shipping
Botanical Name - Acer Palmatum

Common Name - Japanese Maple

Zone - 5 to 8

Height - 2 to 30 Feet

Acer palmatum most commonly known as Japanese maple is a sight to behold when all its leaves turn red.

The rate of growth of maple is moderate with just around 2 feet yearly growth.

It is important to place it at a location which is protected by strong wind and frost.

Japanese maple is highly adaptive to most soils but prefers well drained moist soil which is slightly acidic in nature.

Organic matter can boost its health.

Watering thoroughly is important for Japanese maple unless they are well established.

It is advisable to wait till their second growth year to use a fertilizer.

Acer palmatums do not require much pruning and mostly they create their own beautiful foliage.
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