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Euphorbia is a genus of succulent plants belonging to the family Euphorbiaceae. It is the fourth largest genus of flowering plants. The species are primarily found in the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa and Madagascar.

Euphorbia is a very large genus of plants with more than 2,000 species. About 1,200 of them are succulents, some with bizarre shapes and wide, fleshy leaves and others that look remarkably like cacti, complete with spines. They are often grown for their architectural shapes and fascinating foliage, but a few are known for their flowers. Most Euphorbias bloom in spring or summer and go dormant in winter.

The non-succulent deciduous Euphorbia plants include some of the most familiar such as milkweed and the popular holiday plant, poinsettia. Most of the succulent euphorbias are not frost-tolerant. There are a few evergreen species, like creeping wood spurge (Euphorbia antisphilitica), cushion spurge (Euphorbia polychroma) and donkey-tail spurge (Euphorbia myrsinites) that will survive down to USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 5, but most Euphorbia species fall into zones 6 through 9, with a few hardy only in zones 10 and 11.

Euphorbia species often go by the common name of spurge. You will also see some with more descriptive common names, such as the ""Basketball Euphorbia"" (Euphorbia obesa).

Euphorbias are very easy to care for. They require a little pampering to become established, but once they are, they are self-sufficient. In fact, more die from too much care and watering than from neglect. Here are some tips for getting your Euphorbia plants off to a healthy start.

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