Plants That Keep Mosquitoes And Insects Away

Insects in garden are one of the major turn off when you want to enjoy your favourite cup of tea sitting in the midst of your beautiful garden.

Here we list some plants which apart from being beautiful are great insect repellants too.


It is an effective herb as well as repels house flies and mosquitoes.

Basil can be plants in containers near the doors or area where you sit and relax so that insects stay away.


It is widely used to repel mosquitoes.


Mint helps in keeping mosquitoes at bay. It is better to grow it in pot because its spreads very fast in its surroundings in an aggresive way.


Marigold helps in keeping aphids, mosquitoes and even rabbits away. Also known to keep whiteflies away.


Apart from being a beautiful addition to the garden petunias also help in getting rid of Repel aphids, tomato hornworms, asparagus beetles, leafhoppers and squash bugs.


Leafhoppers and other types of insects stay away from garden where geraniums grow. Pelargonium citrosum variety of geranium also keep mosquitoes away.