Teaching Kids The Fun Of Gardening

Teaching Kids The Fun Of Gardening

Inculcating gardening as a hobby in your little ones can be one of the best decisions you can make.

Here are some tips which can make your children excited to get into gardening and have fun while learning this life long essential hobby.

Child Size Tools

Get them a small watering can and a child sized trowel as well as some colorful gloves will add to the excitement.

Separate Space

Give them a corner in your garden where they can do whatever they want to.


Let the kids decide what they would like to grow. Mostly children are interested in growing pumpkins, sunflowers, beans etc. Radish is one such plant which shows fast growth and can keep them interested.

Educating Them About Beneficial Insects

Tell them about how some insects like lady bugs and butterflies are beneficial for the plants and how everything is so inter connected in nature.

Garden Safety

Since some plants can be toxic and growing in your garden always teach them not to put anything in their mouth from the garden.