Seven Common Reasons Your Seeds Are Not Germinating

Seven Common Reasons Your Seeds Are Not Germinating

1. Using non viable or old seeds - Always buy seeds from reliable sources.

If seeds float in water they are not viable.

2. Wrong Planting Depth.

It is better to plant seeds too shallow than too deep. Also do not press hard over the seeds after sowing them.

3. Bad Seed Staring Potting Mix Or Soil

Hard soil or soil with too much stones will not allow the seeds to sprout freely.
Best combination is to use 70 percent cocopeat and 30% cow manure.

4. Wrong Temperature Or Season

There is always the right time of the year for every seed to be sowed. Sowing them during wrong time of the year will not yield any result.

5. Improper Watering

Balanced watering is very important. Do not over water or under water. Just try to keep the mix moisturized.

6. Dirty Container

Make sure to clean the container before using it for planting purpose. Use baking soda to clean the container.

7. Sunlight

Sunlight is not required for germination but once the sprouts come out then do require sunlight. Gradual exposure to sun is best method to develop healthy plants.