Useful Tips For Maintaining Optimal Health Of Plants

Useful Tips For Maintaining Optimal Health Of Plants

1. For most plants the rule is to water them only when the first inch of the soil feel dry.

2. Do Not Overwater the plants - an underwatered plant has higher chance of survival than an overwatered one.

3. Mostly the houseplants do not require fertilizers and wrong fertilizer or too much fertilizer can actually cause your plant to die.

4. People are more enticed to buy a larger plant but it is actually a good idea to buy a small plant as its growth rate is better and being established at your place it will have a longer life.

5. Pruning the plant to get rid of dead ends and leaves will help in new growth just as we need haircuts plants also need some pruning mostly at the end of winters.

6. A very important thing to note when buying a pot is to make sure the pot has a hole at its base rather than at its sides. Pots with holes at sides tend to make the root rot as water can assemble at the base.

7. Dusting the leaves if you see too much dust collecting on the leaves will help the plant get more sunlight. This can be done few times a year or when you notice too much dust.